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I don't know about you, but the "screenshots" page is always the first thing I check out when visiting a software project's web site. Who cares about installation instructions or user's guides? Just lemme see what it looks like! In that spirit, here are some shots of kludge3d in action:

thumbnail shot20031027d.png 2003-10-27 Here's something most FPS gamers will recognize. Here, I'm editing the texture coordinates on the Quake2 rocket launcher. Note the numerous changes to the texture-application dialog, as well as the miniature icons in the texture list.
thumbnail shot20031027c.png 2003-10-27 Kludge3d can now keep multiple models in memory at once. You can switch between models using the 'Documents' menu. The menu can also be 'torn off' by clicking on the dashed line. This allows you to keep it open at all times.
thumbnail shot20031027b.png 2003-10-27 There are tooltips for almost everything. Check out the new tools in the toolbox, too. (BTW - My cursor doesn't show up in the screenshot. It's positioned over the 'X'.)
thumbnail shot20031027a.png 2003-10-27 This shot show some of the many recent improvements. Take a look at the 'Flip' buttons on the 2D views, the new group browser (including 'is-visible' checkboxes for the individual groups), the new tools in the toolbar, and the various UI changes.
thumbnail shot20030719a.png 2003-07-19 The ouptut of the terrain-generation Python script.
thumbnail shot20030719b.png 2003-07-19 The same terrain, textured with a brown sand image.
thumbnail shot20030718.png 2003-07-18 Behold! GTK2, in all its glory. Check the new group browser. BTW - I've turned off anti-aliased fonts, so it will probably look even better on your screen than mine.
thumbnail shot20020225.png 2002-2-25 No, I didn't create this in kludge3d... it's a 3ds file. As you can see, the flat-shaded rendering looks much nicer than in previous releases.
thumbnail shot20020201.png 2002-2-1 This shot shows off the revamped texture-application dialog.
thumbnail shot20020128.png 2002-1-28 In case you're curious, it's a 1966 Shelby GT350. This model was created, FROM SCRATCH, in kludge3d. Check out the texturing!
thumbnail shot20011221.png 2001-12-21 Check the new icons. The camera-manipulation stuff for the 3d-preview has been reworked, too (try holding down shift, or ctrl, while in "pan" mode). There's some other new stuff in there, but I forget what exactly has changed.
thumbnail shot20010708.png 2001-07-08 Notice that the orthographic views now have the correct aspect ratio. Also, check out the much-improved options tab, and the ultra-spiffy texture-application dialog. It isn't as nice as Milkshape's, but it's a start.
thumbnail shot20010616.png 2001-06-16 What can I say? Sheer genius. :)
thumbnail shot2.png 2001-05-30 Here's a newer shot, with the opengl orthographic views.
thumbnail shot1.png 2001-05-26 Here's what kludge3d used to look like, back when gdk calls were used to draw the 2d views. The newer versions use opengl for all 4 views.
thumbnail g3d.jpeg ????-??-?? For fun, here's a shot of G3D, the modeler that kludge3d is based on.

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